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Contemporary Peranakan Tapas night!

WHEN it comes to Peranakan cuisine, we’re only used to have it as dishes with rice. But this generation’s Peranakan chefs – three at least – are keen to push the boundaries. We’re putting up this Peranakan Tapas night to see what ideas they’ve been toying with. 

Southern Peranakan cooking and contemporary kuih-muih!

We're delighted to have Christopher Tan back in Penang to teach us some Peranakan dishes from the South. 


He'll be demonstrating savoury and sweet dishes on June 11, 12 and 19!


And on June 18, collaborating with Baba Jerry and Nyonya Su Pei for a contemporary Peranakan Tapas night. More on that later! Watch out for our next mail! 

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